Recently we gave you five tips for launching your app with an email campaign – but one thing we didn’t talk about was the most important part of any email: the call to action.

This vital part of an email campaign is what gets your readers to take action. In other words, it’s what gets them to download that app, sign up for your beta test, buy a product, follow you online, or perform any other action you’re looking for. Writing a call to action that works on a blog post is one thing. But in an email campaign, it has to be better. You’re not speaking to the crowd, you’re speaking to each reader individually, on their turf. So your call to action has to be great. Here’s how to do it:

Lower the Perceived Cost

We don’t mean you need to actually lower the cost of your product, or falsely advertise a low cost. What we mean is, write a call to action that makes your reader feel as though there’s no or little cost for them to follow through. Here’s a good example: A recent experiment showed that a click-through button to an online store that said “View Details” performed much better than a button that said “Shop Now” – because readers see the word “shop” and realize they’ll be spending money, whereas “viewing” something seems like it won’t cost a thing. There’s less commitment, so this is a safer option, and therefore readers are more likely to click.

Make It Urgent

This is one of the best tips for a winning call to action that we can offer. Make your offer urgent, even if there is no actual reason that the reader must click now. Even adding the word “now” to your button (“View Details Now” versus “View Details”) can make a huge difference. However, if there is some reason to add real urgency, such as a coupon offer that will expire, or a limited number of product, even better! Be sure that the reader knows about this urgency because they’ll be prompted to take action immediately rather than miss out.

Place the Button Above the Fold

In blog-speak, the “fold” is the part of the browser page that shows before a person has to scroll. It’s the same in email, and keep in mind that a large majority of your readers are viewing email on their mobile devices. Keep your call to action button high enough in the content that they don’t have to scroll down at all, even on a tiny screen, to get more responses. This increases the reader’s ability to simply scan the email for the important parts – a very common habit of email users today.

Think Like an Action Movie Director

Have you ever noticed that big ticket action movies aren’t overly long, and get to the punching quickly? Directors know that their viewers want action and they want it fast. When writing a call to action for your email list, you need to think the same way. Stick with action words to grab the reader’s attention, and keep it short and snappy. Most research suggests that between two and six words is the best for email call to actions. Start yours with a word like “Get”, “Earn”, “Check out”, “Discover”, and “Read”, and you’ll be far more likely to see real action.

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