While we may criticize them from time to time, there’s no denying Apple’s ability to market. There’s a certain intangible about their events that doesn’t beg for our attention, it demands it. That’s why every time Apple comes calling we reluctantly open Safari and listen to what they have to say.

This time we all knew what the conversation would be about. This was the Apple Watch show and it did not disappoint.

Despite being a glorified iPhone strapped to your wrist, the Apple Watch did inspire a lot of Ouu’s and Ahhh’s around the office. Judging by the Twitter reaction, we weren’t the only ones impressed by how effortless and intuitively the Apple Watch and your iPhone communicate.

Even better is Apple Watch’s use of Siri. It’s good to know that in an Apple Watch world trolling will be as easy as running into a Starbucks and yelling ‘Hey Siri’.

And let’s not forget about that new MacBook. Technically speaking, Apple’s latest laptop sounds outstanding – although we are still scratching our head at what ‘all day’ battery life constitutes, it’s specs sure did impress.

Beyond that, Apple had some interesting innovations that may get glossed over with the advent of the Apple Watch and its much-discussed price tag.

Not only did Apple improve it’s already fantastic keyboard but they effectively killed off the right-click with their new pressure sensitive touchpad and introduced the world to USB-C, Apple’s one-stop shop for plugging anything into your computer.

While USB-C looks great in its minimal, aesthetic way, the lack of multiple ports/dedicated USB port is bothersome. Plus, who wants to spend $80 on a USB-C adaptor after spending a couple thousand on a new MacBook; but then again, it won’t be long before we see said adaptors on Amazon for $5.

Some parting thoughts:

  • Cable cutters rejoice! Good to see Apple drop the price of Apple TV and announce an impressive line of content providers.
  • HealthKit/ResearchKit seem like the dynamic duo. Can’t wait to see what developers will do with the tech now that it is open source.
  • 10K? No way! For technology that will be outdated this time next year, those considering may be better off spending their money on a Rolex…or a houseboat; since you are so rich after all.
  • iOS 8.2 introduces Apple Watch as a native application. Whelp, there goes another banished to the ‘Trash’ folder on our iPhones.
  •  If I ever get an Apple Watch, do not send me your heart rate – there are better ways than your visualized heart rate to remind someone you are thinking of them