October 18th, 2015

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What’s New?


Netflix CEO Reed Hastings wasted little more addressing this week’s news of Netflix’s price hike from $7.99 to $9.99. According to the Netflix chief, it’s all about the content and the money needed to secure it.

This price change will come into effect for

By increasing the monthly cost, Netflix will be able to secure and retain more high-quality series and films – Netflix’s #1 member request. $2 more per month for better content on Netflix? Sign me up! Oh wait…


uber_drivermusic_imageEarlier this week Uber accidentally exposed the personal data of hundred of its drivers last night, revealing social security numbers, pictures of drivers licenses, vehicle registration numbers, and other information, affecting roughly 674 drivers in the United States.

One driver said that he was presented with thoussands of confidential documents from other drivers when he tried to upload a document of his own.

Uber acknowledged the mistake in a statement shortly after the leak stating that their security team had fixed the issue. The leak was reportedly connected to the release of Uber’s new “Uber Partner” app, which was designed to give their drivers more information. Ironic, isn’t it?

It’s not clear at this point whether the driver data exposed was collected by anyone with bad intentions.


Apple’s Latest

With the first free trials of Apple Music ending, let’s take a look at how many customers continued their subscription to the streaming service. While Apple has yet to release any numbers, Wristly surveyed 1,350 Apple Watch owners between Oct. 6-9.

Considering the survey audience, the statistics only represent a small sample size of the streaming service’s market.

Of the 1,350 people, 48% who tried the new streaming music service are planning to subscribe, have already subscribed, or purchased/joined a family plan, while only 20% of those who did try Apple Music decided against the service.



Apple’s ResearchKit, an open source initiative that turns your iPhone into a tool for medical research by gathering data from patients more frequently and more accurately, is now enabling new search studies on autism, epilepsy, and melanoma.

More than 50 new researchers are already adding to the open source framework, including Duke University and Duke Medicine with their “Autism & Beyond” project. Using the iPhone’s front-facing camera, Duke researchers are determining whether or not it is possible to detect signs of developmental issue at an earlier age using emotion detection algorithms to measure a child’s reaction to videos shown on the phone.

Another project of note is Johns Hopkins epilepsy research that utilizes the Apple Watch to detect the onset and duration of seizures. And in just one touch, patients will be able to trigger EpiWatch which will capture accelerometer and heart rate sensor data, and send an alert to an emergency contact.


Let’s get Social


Brace yourself, Facebook is watching. It’s been no secret that Facebook has been working on a real-time news app for some time now, and it appears as if we may find out what Facebook has in store for us very soon.

Notify would launch into a market with some major competition, such as Twitter’s newly minted Moments and SnapChat’s Discovery platform.

The Awl reports that Facebook’s latest app will be called Notify and may launch as soon as the end of this month. This inititative would build on Facebook’s ever-growing presence as a platform for various aspects of the online news business, like its Instant Articles format for repackaging webpages as clean and fast-loading subsets of the Facebook app itself.

Stay tuned in the coming weeks for more info on Notify.


Whoops. Facebook’s mobile site experienced a bug earlier this week that displays the view count of your own and other’s Facebook posts, showing similarly to the popular view counters attached to videos on Facebook. 

The view counts only displayed only shared or posted links and sometimes under photos, and while it’s unclear if the metrics are entirely correct, this bug was still a harsh reminder to Facebook’s users about how little reach their posts actually have.

By the time you read this, the bug will be fixed and your view count will become a mystery once again. But let’s face it, that’s probably for the best.


New Releases 

If you’re an obsessive snoozer, this news will get you out of bed. While not a new release per se, Android updated their native clock app this week with some cool new features. One of the highlights of this update is the option to set an alarm that gets gradually louder and louder over time.

While progressive louder alarms have been on the market for ages, it’s nice to see Android taking note and adding the functionality. Looking forward to see this features at next year’s Apple keynote!


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