After much play testing and tweaking, our first physical game is here! Created by our very own Avi Davies, Rock Paper Scissors Mayhem (RPS Mayhem) is a creative take on the classic game. Combining elements of both skill and chance, RPS Mayhem makes for an easy game to learn, but a difficult one to master. All the beautiful art you see on the cards was done by Arctic Empire designer, Rico Evangelho.

I know what you’re thinking though: what is RPS Mayhem and how does it play? Well, allow me.


How it’s played

Rock Paper Scissors Mayhem is easier to learn than it is to say. It’s quite simple really: each player is given a Rock, Paper and Scissors card, in which you must select one to place face down. That card represents your RPS card and cannot be looked at by anyone…even by you!

Along with the 3 RPS cards, each player is given 5 trick cards that can alter the state of the game. These trick cards range from defensive (block others trick cards), aggressive (opponent must switch their RPS card), passive (read an opponents RPS cards) or strategic (switch an opponents RPS cards with one of your own).

Based off of classic 1-2-3-shoot Rock Paper Scissors, players are given 3 turns to use their trick cards before the final unveiling of the facedown RPS cards. During these 3 turns, players will simultaneously put down their trick card, resolving in order from the lowest to highest number on the card. Always remember though, any time an RPS card gets switched, it must be flipped over for all players to see.

It’s not difficult to see how the mayhem comes to be in RPS Mayhem. RPS cards are switched so often your head will spin. One moment you have a game winning strategy, the next it’s moot. After all 3 turns have played out, it’s time for everyone to flip their RPS card and find the winner. Give yourself one point for each RPS card yours beats. Play up to 7 points to crown yourself the RPS champion.



How can you get a copy?

Rock Paper Scissors Mayhem is available at for only $10!

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