We’ve been closet twerkers for too long!


Nicki Minaj’s MYX Twerk-a-Lot is finally here! Developed by yours truly, the app was published by Amplify Buzz in partnership with MYX Fusion Moscato. Despite being out for less than a week, Twerk-a-lot is already blowing up!

If you don’t yet know, Nicki Minaj’s MYX Twerk-a-Lot is a twerking simulation game. What that really means is you put your phone in your back pocket and shake your booty to Nicki Minaj’s hit single ‘Anaconda’. Simple, yes, but still a whole lot of fun.

Since its Nov. 20 launch, Twerk-a-Lot has been getting tons of downloads and 5-star ratings.

If you haven’t yet got on the Twerking bandwagon, here’s your chance. Download Nicki Minaj’s Twerk-a-Lot now on iOS or Android.