Now that we’ve got our blog content rolling, we wanted to introduce something new to the mix! Each week Arctic Empire will highlight an app that catches our eye. It could be an light show for cats or a game to help you sleep, as long as there is something noteworthy or innovative about it, we’ll spotlight it.

Let Arctic Empire be your source of amazing applications!


Without further ado, let’s get into this weeks Empire App Spotlight, Wakie. For Android and Windows Phone, Wakie is an alarm clock with a catch. Rather than waking up to monotonous beeping, someone from around the world will call and wake you up! Think of it as a hotel wake-up call but from the comfort of your own bed.

Wakie is completely anonymous and safe; no phone numbers are ever displayed. As an alarm clock, Wakie is very reliable. If no one is around to wake you, you’ll get an automated wake-up call. In my experience though, someone is always waiting to wake you. And if you’re worried about calls running long, Wakie disconnects you after a minute (aka before things can get awkward).

If having strangers wake you up isn’t your thing, fortunately for you that isn’t Wakie’s only feature. The app also allows you to become the Wakie. You can be the first thing Wakie users hear in the morning by being the one making the wake-up calls.

The alarm is what pulled me in but it’s the waking that got me to stay. There’s something oddly fun about waking up the rest of the world. Just throw in a few beers and some friends and you have yourself a party!


When we tested the app for ourselves, we were immediately intrigued by it’s features. After setting several alarms, we went from pretending to have just woken up to straight-up messing around with our international Wakie. It was surprising, kinda creepy and a lot of fun, and that’s all before we discovered we could do the waking ourselves.

This process of waking and being “awoken” went on until we remembered that whole work thing. So while Wakie’s actual purpose may not appeal to everyone, using the app as a means of entertainment surely will.

If you’re an Android or Windows Phone user I urge you to download the app and experience it for yourself. And if you’re an iPhone user, you can join the rest of us in the waiting room.