Where was this app when I was in high school?!

PhotoMath is the Sparks Notes of math homework and it’s everything a frustrated student dreamt of. The app’s name really defines it in the simplest fashion. All you have to do is hover your camera over a math equation and voila, you have your answer.

It truly is that simple.


From there, you can see the steps how the problem was solved and learn from its process. It’s one thing to give you an answer but it’s another to teach you how the answer was discovered; that’s where PhotoMath stands out as an innovative teaching tool.

However, PhotoMath does have its limitations. The app doesn’t support quadratic, functional, eq. systems or calculus. I can’t say with certainly if those are vital components but I’m sure they will be added into the app in the coming months.

Beyond that, PhotoMath doesn’t support handwritten notes. Pro Tip: type up your equation and print it.


Despite those nitpicks, the Empire team really digged the app. Unfortunately though, none of us are algebra wizards so apologizes if PhotoMath doesn’t actually solve math equations as well as it seems it does!

My biggest takeaway from PhotoMath:
• Don’t try to scan math equations off your computer screen; it’ll tire your arm out faster than it will solve the problem.

• Scanning is finicky. Sometimes it’ll take a few attempts to properly scan your problem. No biggie.

• Math sucks! Thanks for the reminder why I write, not calculate.


PhotoMath is available on iOS, Windows Phone and soon to be Android. Even if you have no use for an app that solves math, PhotoMath is still interesting as a tech demo and a glimpse into the dreams of 17 year old me.