We’ve all been there – pen in hand, *ahem*, fingers on keyboard, ready to start blogging when it hits you: what do I write? The hardest part of blogging is never the actual writing; it’s the inspiration.

One major component of running a successful blog is consistently posting. Whether it’s once, twice or every day, your blog is a fire that constantly needs fuel. It’s not crazy to think you may be at a loss for a topic every once in a while.

So what do you do when you’re at a loss for ideas? Where does inspiration come from and can I buy it?


Well save your money because I have answer: inspiration can come from anywhere! But more specifically, inspiration can come from here, this very blog post!

It doesn’t get much more meta than this.

So next time your brain feels like mush and you can’t conceive a post to save your life, try these ideas and see if you can spark some inspiration from it.


Host a Q&A

Think of this as your modern day ‘letter to the editor’.

Use your Facebook or Twitter to host a Like/Follower exclusive Q&A. Answer their questions in real time and then transcribe your favourite questions into a blog post answering them in more depth.

Not only with this give you some interesting content to build off of but it’s a great way to connect with your audience and keep them engaged with your brand/blog.


Create a How-To Post


If you’re the influencer, do some influencing.

How-To articles make for some great blog posts; educating your audience or niche is a smart method to capture their interest. Not only that but How-To articles do very well in Google searches – something all bloggers crave.

Teach your readers something new, how to get the most of out a certain product or how to simplify a common household issue – those are just a few examples of How-To articles you could write.

These articles vary depending on the nature of your blog and its related industry but despite that, whatever market you are blogging to, chances are they have issues that you can help solve.


Review a Product

If you’re an expert or influencer in your field, chances are you have many opinions – opinions that draw in an audience and keep them coming back.

Review a product that is relevant to your industry and give your audience your opinion on the subject. If you want to maintain your status as an expert/influencer

Just keep your bias out – don’t review any products that are too closely related to your own (if you have any).


Compare a Product

Similar to reviewing a product, comparing two products or services is a great way to maintain your status as an expert or influencer in your industry.

When individuals narrow down the decision making process to two products/services, they need expert advice to guide them to the right choice. This is where you can solidify yourself to new readers and existing as a leading expert in your field.

And above all else, these articles are perfect for SEO – linking your brand/blog to the products or services in your comparison.


Conduct an Interview


Just as your audience values your opinion, there are plenty more like-minded influencers with loyal audiences of their own. Reach out and connect with these influencers in your network and conduct an interview with them.

Featuring another expert or influencer is a great method to gain some new readers fro their audience, and vice versa.

This idea can be utilized past influencers in your network. Conduct an interview with a new employee, a mentor or a happy customer – it all depends on the industry you cater to.


Give an Update on a Product

Released a new product, service or feature recently? Give your audience and update on it with some insights and/or analytics on progress.

Infographics and case studies are an often-used method for conveying this information. But that shouldn’t limit you on how to present the information – create a short video, compare your products progress to others, there’s no ceiling to how you can present your product update.

And if the update is juicy enough, the blog post can be repurposed as a press release for added publicity.


Create a Top 10 List


It’s no secret people love lists. A good list compiles a lot of information on a subject into a concise, digestible format – perfect for those short on time and attention spans.

Whether the list is for websites, products, tips or something else, top 10 lists are a great method for conveying a lot of information in a more approachable fashion.


Feature an Employee

Culture makes a company and your employees help shape your culture.

Feature one of your employees to give your readers a deeper insight into your company and its inner workings.

Write about their position, personality and philosophies – a more intimate understanding of your staff helps strengthen the connection between your brand and your customers.

This blog approach is a win-win as well it will surely improve staff morale and inspire the featured employee. And while this may sound obvious, make sure to include their photo in the post.


Drink Coffee


Drinks lot and lots of coffee. After five cups just start writing and don’t stop until you have a somewhat comprehensible idea. Celebrate with another cup of coffee.


Have your own methods or ideas to inspire blog posts? Post them in the comments below; we would love to hear your thoughts.