In the world of traditional internet marketing, email is still a powerful tool. It may not be the newest technique out there, but statistics show that email continues to be the best way to drive conversions and customer loyalty. Many mobile app developers are focused on trendier marketing methods, but an email campaign is still a great way to nurture your app users, particularly if your users have disabled push notifications – a common choice among many savvy mobile users.

Whether you are launching an app, or you’re trying to increase your engagement rate, there are many reasons to use email marketing. Here are five tips for making email work for you:

Define a Strategy

The most important part of an email marketing campaign is to have a strategy. Simply winging it won’t get the results you want. Your strategy should include how often you’re going to send emails, what type of content you’ll be sending, if you plan to automate the email campaign, how you intend to lead readers through a sales or engagement funnel, and more. You’ll also need to plan out the design of the email – will you be including images and videos, for example?

Track Everything

Data is key for understanding how to properly use an email campaign. Your emails need to include tracking so that you can review the analytics regularly. If you use an email service such as MailChimp, this will be built in. What you are looking for includes open rates, click through rates, and conversions (or download rates). This type of data shows you what types of messages actually work for your audience.

Timing is Everything

Another thing to consider is when you’ll be sending emails. Some companies are stuck in the monthly newsletter model, which can work if you have interesting, relevant updates to provide every month. However, for mobile app designers, it may be better to send occasional emails that line up with your engagement goals. For example, you might want to send out an email encouraging a review after the first week or two of a download.

Mobile-Friendly Design

Of course, as a mobile app designer, you know that being mobile friendly is important. But it’s good to stress that emails must also be mobile responsive. Statistics show that nearly half of all emails consumed today are on a mobile device. Keep that in mind when designing your email.

Test Multiple Lists

Finally, it is important to segment your email readers into different lists, and test out different emails on each list. This is another great way to find out what type of content works on your audience, but you can also test the frequency of emails, the design of the email, and many other factors. Remember that you should only test one thing at a time, or else you won’t know which change worked.

Start thinking about your email marketing strategy as soon as you can in the process to take advantage of the benefits this tool has to offer.