If you are already operating in the world of eCommerce, or just beginning to develop plans for a sales oriented website, you may be surprised by some of the facts and figures associated with eCommerce. For instance, “the online market is growing rapidly, with retail eCommerce sales predicted to top $4 trillion by 2020.” That means you have a lot going for you in terms of audience size and potential, but if you have poor eCommerce website design, you are severely reducing your chances.

Though it may initially seem impossible or unreasonable that good prices and a desired product or service won’t sell if your eCommerce website design is not the best, the simple truth is that consumers respond to specific types of visual content. With the human brain committing roughly 20% of its resources to sight and vision, it is a good idea to pair with the best web design company to tackle your eCommerce website design or redesign.

As you learn from the experts, “your virtual storefront is the face of your business, and how it looks will affect buyer’s behaviors and brand perceptions.” It is not merely about being able to buy and sell around the clock. It is not only about making it easy for a customer to find what they want. It is also about making certain that the entire process is quick and easy, that the site is a good “fit” to the mission and focus of the business, and that it establishes a positive brand perception from the moment a visitor arrives.

These are but a few key reasons to work with the best web design company, but another is that they will be well aware of the most significant best practices where eCommerce website design is concerned.

4 Best Practices

You know you are working with the best web design company when they address these issues with you:

1. Design considerations – Eye catching design that is pleasurable to your specific audience is the best policy here. If it is all about bells and whistles, it is not the best web design company for you.

2. Responsive – It goes without saying that more than half of all consumers shop via a mobile device. If you are unable to enjoy responsive eCommerce website design, look elsewhere.

3. Emphasize product – A nice looking site is great, but it has to channel attention to whatever it is you are selling. The best web design company will do the photography, the site search tools, the “highlights” of best sellers, and everything else needed to ensure sales.

4. Tell the story – Good marketing begins with your story. A good design team should be able to help you with that, as well as support it with their work.

At Arctic Empire, you are working not only with the best web design company for eCommerce, but also encountering a full-service site. Whether it is the SEO to get people to the site, the creative content, the brand positioning and strategy, the development to make sure you are mobile, or any number of web services, you can quickly find what you need.