We’re more than just a digital entertainment agency, we’re a helping hand. Our priorities are your priorities when you work with us. And for those of you who don’t, we want to extend our helping hand out to you anyways in hopes of changing that. These 15 tips & tricks are just an example of how we can help your business improve its social media presence and beyond.

These tried-and-true practices are the backbone of any good social media strategy; something we know a thing or two about. So read, digest and implement, and if you ever need help with that last step you know who to call.

1) Monitor Beyond

It’s important to monitor beyond brand mentions on social media. Search keywords and phrases that are relevant to your business; you may be missing out on important conversations with those who are already interested in what your company does.

2) Use Google Alerts

Google Alerts can help you discover who is secretly talking about your brand. Google Alerts uses your keyword to search through news and blog sites to deliver you any sources that have mentioned your company recently. This can aid you in connecting with any unknown fans or righting the wrong with any critics you weren’t aware of.

 3) Facebook Offers


Take advantage of Facebook’s offer platform to create easily accessible coupons or discounts for your followers. Anyone with over 50 Likes can create free Facebook offers but it is most likely in your best interest to promote the offer with a post boost.

4)   Align your Social Media & SEO Strategy

Keep your social media and SEO strategies on the same page to maximize your results. Having shared aims and objectives can help the two work in tandem to achieve these goals more efficiently. Use similar keywords and phrases to measure success across both fields.

5) Content is King


Keep your content interesting by adapting to what your followers engagement with most. Make sure all content you share is relevant to what your consumers find interesting. If you can prove to be a reliable source of relevant information, your consumers will be more likely to return and engage with your posts.

6) Call to Action

Don’t just tell your audience about a promotion; bring the promotion to them. Give your consumers the explicit information they need to take advantage of the promotion and provide them with an accessible route to do so. In a crowded digital marketplace, you need to do more than shout 15% off to make a sale.

7) Motivational Content


Motivational content is proven to be one of the more successful forms of content. Motivational messages inspire content sharing, user engagement and most importantly, create a positive association between your company and its followers.

8) Responsive Web Design

This may be an obvious one but unfortunately for some it isn’t. While social media is a great platform for engagement with followers, the end goal is to bring them back to your website where all the juicy stuff is. Make sure your website is mobile-friendly and will adapt to whatever device your consumers are using. No one wants to visit a clunky website in 2015.

9) Get your executives onboard

Your executives are the decision makers of your company. They each bring their own unique sets of skills and interests that make them the influencers they are. It’s crucial to have them onboard with social media. Not only will it increase your brand exposure but also give your consumers access to get info straight from the horse’s mouth.

10) Implement a Social Media Policy


Develop guidelines to follow when posting to social media. Time and time again companies cross the line of controversy by not thinking before posting. Avoid these PR nightmares with a company-wide social media policy.

11) Social Customer Service

Whether it’s negative or positive, make sure to respond to posts directed at your company. Given the public setting, it’s important to deal with the positive in a way that ensures their loyalty and the negative in a timely and professional manner to help resolve any issues. Be sure to have a process outlined for dealing with persistent problems from online users.

12) Diversify Your Blog

Blogging can be more than a text entry. Try conveying your blog’s message through an infographic or with a short talking heads video. It’s important to keep your content fresh to maintain interest and engagement from your followers.

13) Split Testing


Split testing is a great way for gaining insight into how to better post your content. Split testing works by posting the same piece of content but with a different message or at another time of the day. This process can help you determine the best time to post, the proper tone of voice and more. Make sure to measure the results of your split test to see which posts performs better.

14) Don’t Forget to Advertise 

Use promoted posts and boosting to your advantage. If you have some content that would benefit from some extra exposure, ie special announcements, product launches or sales, using a promoted post to ensure more of your followers and potential customers sees it is worthwhile.

15) Custom Audiences in Facebook Advertising

Your advertising is only as good as the people it reaches. Nail your target demographic with a specific custom audience (including interests, age, location and more) when boosting or promoting a Facebook post to gain the best reach/impressions possible.